Functional Strength

split squat gmcFunctional strength can mean many things, but in the context of our training it is essentially aiming to utilise your body and its joints in their functional capacity. Functional strength can be very specific – such as rehabilitation of a shoulder injury to return to a throwing sport or it can be general for the purpose of engaging multiple muscle groups across multiple body regions to encourage balance, flexibility, muscular endurance and overall strength.

Most functional exercises utilise your own body weight and we add in some trickier options to challenge and improve your abilities.

Geordie is an Osteopath and personal trainer and provides structured, functional strength training.




Personal Training At GMC Osteopathy

At GMC Osteopathy we view personal training as another tool in the self management plan.

Personal training at GMC Osteopathy primarily aims to get you moving functionaly again. It can be used in conjuction with Osteopathic treatment to maximise your rehabilitation and or recovery from strains, sprains or aberant function. Many of the exercises we will take you through can be done easily at home with a minimum of equipment – sometimes all it needs is a good understanding of what the exercise is and how to do them as close to as possible to optimal. In this way you can gain the confidence to manage your own training. Otherwise if you desire it, we can direct you, one on one or even in pairs, through an appropriate work out that gets you moving and maybe just sweating a little bit!

For those looking for something a little more robust then we have the Rack – with which we can put you through your paces in both the upper and lower body. For an all over strength and aerobic fitness – get on the rower and feel the burn!

Side Crunch gmc Tricep Extension on Disc gmc Personal Training:$45 per hour for Osteopathic Clients

$55 per hour for general clients