About Us

GMC Osteopathy provides professional primary health care to its clients through Osteopathic treatment and management in the Ballarat region.

Geordie McLeod is the principle Osteopath at GMC Osteopathy and can assist your health and well being with Osteopathic treatment and management through exercise and education regarding self-management options. Osteopathy helps you get moving again.

GMC Osteopathy provides Osteopathic treatment for a wide range of common musculoskeletal and systemic complaints.

GMC Osteopathy promotes self-management strategies and Geordie can provide exercise prescription to help improve your body’s ability to cope with the loads your lifestyle demands. Osteopathy emphasizes your well-being and body awareness by embracing the philosophy of the inter-relationship of the body’s structure and function and utilizing this with both treatment and exercise programming.

GMC Osteopathy can be found in Buninyong, Ballarat.

Bookings can be made online.